The Business Supports Range of Online Learning Programmes

These dynamic short courses will provide business owners and their staff with the opportunity to upskill in a number of areas. Our dedicated team of trainers will work with you to provide the best possible experience and knowledge to ensure your customers keep returning long into the future.

The range of courses offered covers the following topics: Sustainability Customer Care Facebook Advertising Instagram Marketing Local Food Menu Planning PR SEO Video Marketing YouTube Marketing.

Here to support you on your learning journey.
W.R.E.N. An Introduction to Product/ Service Photography
Course Outline This micro training programme will be delivered over 2 x 1.5hrs online with additional 1 hour 1:1 mentoring Trainer Don Moloney, Photographer
W.R.E.N. Creating Videos to Showcase your Business
This business development training programme is offered to Female Entrepreneurs who want to create videos of their product, service or any aspect of their business using the mobile phone – so no expensive equipment is required! Training also includes how to add videos to your website and social media pages with a view to increasing...
W.R.E.N. Start Your Own Podcast
W.R.E.N. Personal Development for Female Entrepreneurs
Across all W.R.E.N. business enterprise programmes, personal development plays an important role in supporting female entrepreneurs by providing tools, tips and techniques. The course consists of the very best material delivered by SECAD across all W.R.E.N. programmes with additional content to support busy females’ transition to becoming successful businesswomen. Topics covered: Time management Managing the...
W.R.E.N. Running Your Business in Ireland
This FREE programme is offered to any female entrepreneurs who have recently relocated to Ireland and have previously set up a business in their home country. Programme Outline A series of workshops were delivered in the classroom. All participants will have access to the training materials, presentations and any useful links to help business owners...
W.R.E.N. Business Start-Up Programme
Trainer/ Facilitator Tom O’Leary & Associates
W.R.E.N. Craft Business Programme
The W.R.E.N. business enterprise programme was designed for Artists, Makers and Designers who wish to start their own business or have recently started their own business. The focus of this programme is to provide business women with the essential skills to develop the Good Business Practices necessary for the development of a robust and sustainable...
W.R.E.N. Advanced Business Development Programme
Programme Delivery 10 modules delivered online covering topics on: Module outline Finance & taxation, Website development geared towards promoting your business Optimising social media and digital marketing skills Trainer: The Discovery Partnership.
W.R.E.N. Business Directory
Supporting and growing your business is dependent on networking, ongoing training and development. SECAD Partnership understand the importance of Networking and this section of the platform provides an opportunity for all WREN participants to advertise their businesses, and connect with each other. Guest speakers Traininers
W.R.E.N. Food Business Enterprise Programme
The focus of this WREN Programme is FEMALE-LED food-related businesses. This business enterprise programme is designed for women who are thinking of starting their own business or who have recently started their own business. Programme Schedule The programme will run for 8 weeks beginning May 2022 until June 2022 and the training will be a...
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