Returning to work in the ‘New Normal’

Life has changed considerably since March 12th, in this new world life can all of a sudden feel very uncertain and overwhelming. Adjusting our lives and learning to live with COVID-19 will be a different process for everyone. This course will give you a solid foundation to help you return to work without feeling stressed or anxious. Acknowledging that routines and schedules have changed is an important first step. As you progress through the units you will discover tools and techniques that you can use everyday to help you navigate this new emotional landscape.

The course opens with factors to consider to help us return to work safely. Stress and anxiety are explained followed by a brief over describing a techniques called mindfulness.

In unit 4, take just 5minutes to pause and practice the art of mindfulness. This technique is particularly effective in bring calm into our lives, helping us to focus and prioritise our tasks.

The final unit provides tips & techniques you may need to help you to feel safe at work.

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