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We have taken our learning online, and designed training programmes to support Employment, Business, Community & Tourism Supports in addition to Wellbeing & Personal Development

Business Supports

Start your own Business training & mentoring Overcoming new challenges and focusing on sustainability Access to networking opportunities
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Employment Support

Career guidance & mapping skills Choosing the right training for you Create a CV & online job applications Interview tips & preparation Instructional videos on Our Employment Support range of resources are available with both Ukrainian and English subtitles.
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Wellbeing & Personal Development

Healthy eating & lifestyle programmes Building confidence & self-esteem Personal and career goal-setting Eco-therapy and nature based development programmes Discover the ‘wild side’ and biodiversity of your community
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Community Supports

Supporting communities to plan for their future Initiatives to celebrate diversity Navigating the funding matrix
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Working with local communities and corporates to develop local biodiversity action plans.
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New Communities Supports

Courses for New Communities
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Our Upcoming Courses

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Professional development training is overlooked and underappreciated as an employee retention and recruitment tool. Earn more with less.

Develop the skills required online

Encouraging your employees to train in relevant subjects and applications — an advanced course in a software program they use daily, for example — can have an immediate effect on productivity. Professional development can also help raise overall staff expertise when employees with vastly different backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to share information.

When staff members can do their jobs more effectively, they become more confident. This leads to greater job satisfaction and improved employee retention. There are a range of low-cost professional development training options to choose from, including mentorships, job shadowing and cross training.

Do you feel like some employees clearly fall into the management material category? Leadership development programs are tools for grooming future leaders for your organisation. If you’d like to be able to promote staff to managerial positions in the future, targeted training now can help you ensure your best and brightest are prepared to move up.

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